Hand-crafted contemporary rings made of different kinds of woods, metals, stones, and all sorts of natural materials.


Dimalta Gioielli started in 1995. I left my natal Milan to travel the world and got fascinated by jewelry in a small silver mining town in Mexico where, for many years I learned to master the antique techniques of silversmithing and gold jewelry creation. At the same time, I continued to travel and sell on artisan markets and tourist venues in Europe, US, and Mexico.
I studied and worked modern techniques in San Diego CA, selling my pieces in one of the biggest and most famous stores in Pacific Beach.
In 2008 Dimalta Gioielli went online. Stefano and Irene were married and decided to work together and create a small family company open to the world. Since then, the company and the production team has grown along with friends committed to work with thousands of happy customers, creating a beautiful working community team.
Irene takes care of the marketing and imagery, Stefano is the designer and producer of every unique piece at Dimalta Gioielli.


The costumer can make their own combinations of material and select from over 30 variations of woods (including exotic woods), antler, gem stones, diamonds, and precious stone. We work with gold, silver and titanium rings. 
All materials are carefully selected to meet our quality and environmentally friendly standards. 
Because of the organic nature of our products each piece is handmade and unique.
Over 20 years of experience in jewelry making back the quality of every piece.